Sex Test for Sex Gods and Sex Goddesses

SEX TEST Take an adult sex test. See if you are a God or a Goddess

Are you a God or Goddess? Could you write the book, make and star in an adult film, represent your species at a united nations sexual convention, sell your body on the stock exchange and hang the certificate on your wall. Take the test and see how you measure up

Sex Test

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5 points for Yes. 0 test points for No
Have you ever had sexual intercourse? Yes or No
Given oral
Received oral sex
Licked ass
Had your ass licked or stuck your tongue in someone else's ass
Swallowed cum
Practiced bondage or BDSM
Had anal sex
Had sex with a strapon
Orgasm from anal
Squirted or made someone squirt
Squirted from oral or made someone squirt
Same sex
Had a Threesome or Foursome
Been to a orgy or a swingers party
Been in a gangbang
Public sex
Snowballed (swap cum) with someone
Toes licked or sucked
Licked or sucked someone's toes
Sex with more than one person in a day
Sex with more than one person in a week
Cyber or phonesex
Visited a massage parlour
Reached an orgasm
Watch porn
Bought a dirty magazine or porno magazine
Posted nude pictures of yourself on the net
Let someone film/video tape/photograph you having bare back sex
Had a cum facial or gave someone a cum facial
Golden showers
Have you let anyone or have you shit on anyone
Had it off with a friend's significant other
Done it with one of your significant others friends or relatives
Cheated on your partner or significant other
Made someone pass out
Swallowed cum
Let someone watch you masturbate
Appeared naked on web cam
Had sex when a woman was on her period -blood sports
Been eaten during your period
Had it off with someone you knew for less than an hour
Had car sex
Been caught having sex
Paid for sex
Used a sex toy
Food sex
Pain from a little to extreme
Dominated in bed
Had a wet dream
Ass slapped
Nipples licked, sucked, or bitten
Sex with someone you do not know
Tied up or tied someone up to a bed
Sex with your boss in return for a favour or promotion
Sex with a police man complete with handcuffs

Sex Test Score
0 - 50 The test says you're very boring. You need to be much more adventurous. Re take the test.
51 - 100 You're getting there. Keep up the good work, then re take the test.
101 - 150 At least you're heading in the right direction. Re take  test.
151 - 200 Professional level. You could charge for your sexual services. Perhaps you do already.
201 - 250 Porn queen/Porn king level. Others will never forget you!
Over 250 Sex God/Goddess status. Yes, you could write the book, make and star in an adult porn film, represent your species at a united nations sexual convention, sell your body on the stock exchange and hang the test certificate on your wall. Congratulations! You have passed the test!

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