Don not visit clients who do not have a telephone connected or who use a mobile phone to book the service.
Carry a mobile phone with you to the job. At the start of the booking call someone (a friend, maybe a relative or even your own answering machine). This will let the client know that some one else knows where you are and that your whereabouts can be traced.
If you are providing a service to a client at a private home, drive by the house first to check for signs that might suggest all is not right. For example, if there are several cars in the drive, or you hear loud music coming from the house, or you see more than one person in or around the house. If you feel some thing is wrong ring the client on your mobile to discuss your concerns or to cancel the booking.
Don not take cash or ID with you to the job.
Assert yourself in the first 10 minutes of meeting the client. From the moment you are alone with the client it is important to take control and stay in control of the situation. Be polite and friendly. This is often the best way to gain control even when the client is behaving like a jerk.
Clearly explain the service to the client; what it will involve, how long it will last and how much it will cost.
Explain to the client that you always use condoms for oral, vaginal and anal sex, and when using sex toys.
Ask for payment BEFORE you provide the service.
When the client pays, give the money to your driver or put it in a safe place. For example, in an inner zipped pocket or some other safe place away from wandering hands. Be aware of where your money is at all times.
Let the client know that there is someone waiting outside for you, even if you are not using a driver.
At the end of the job, count your cash and credit slips to make sure they are all there. Do not count your cash and credit slips in front of the client. It is best not to accept cheques from clients as it is very easy to pass or be fooled by a bad or bogus cheque and as a result you may not be paid.
Look through the whole house to check for other people, signs of danger and exits. You could say, this is a lovely house, would you mind giving me a tour? Or you could ask to go to the toilet and then have a quick look around. Be alert at all times.
Do not accept a drink that has already been opened or that you have not seen being made. It is not difficult to slip a drug (like rhohypnol) into the drink he has fixed for you.
Never be afraid to say NO if necessary. Remember that if you find a particular client distasteful, abusive or disrespectful, no amount of money is worth having to service them. Warn that you will leave if the client gets too rough.
Be tactful. Especially if the situation is becoming nasty. Keep your cool and be honest. Do not buy into the clients bullshit. This should help to diffuse the situation.
If you drive yourself, park your car so only the back can be seen from the house for example behind a tree or some bushes and leave the car radio on if possible. This will suggest to the client that someone is waiting for you.
Pens, screech whistles and breath sprays can make good weapons, and may allow you the opportunity to get away.
Don not carry knives or guns with you. These can be used against you!
Have your belongings near the door in a pile so you can grab them if you need to get away quickly.
Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when visiting clients. They can affect your judgment and ability to defend yourself.


When it comes to being in danger or even detecting an STD, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!
If you sense something is wrong, get out. Say something like, I have forgotten my handbag and have to get it from the car. Or I have to let my driver know you are home and everything is OK, and then leave.
If you have to defend yourself, do it with the intention of hurting. It is a good idea to do a self-defense course. If a client becomes aggressive or violent let him know you can trace him through his credit card, address, car registration number, etc. Explain to the client that it is not illegal to do sex work in the United Kingdom, and that you will not hesitate to report him to the Police.
If in danger, do not hesitate to smash one of the clients windows or his stereo with a lamp, ash tray, or anything heavy. This will startle (perhaps even scare the client) and it will let your driver know you are in danger and require help.
If you are doing a fantasy service, before you start make sure that you know what you are in for and that the client knows condoms will be used.
Check your client for STDs, especially for crabs, sores, herpes blisters and warts. Condoms do not protect you against these.
Do not use massage oils as lube. They break down the condom rubber. Use water based lube such as wet stuff or KY jelly and wipe off any massage oil before you put the condom on.
Use your own condoms, not your clients.
Be aware that Nonoxynol 9 condoms cause medical problems for some workers. Nonoxynol 9 can remove nail polish so it is best not to use it on regular basis.
Putting on a condom with your mouth is useful if the client does not want to use them. This can eroticise condoms.
If you use xylocaine, be aware of the risks. It is not advisable to use xylocaine for penetrative sex. Due to the numbing effect, you are less likely to feel any injury or become aware that a condom has broken. Xylocaine can numb the clients penis, and make it difficult for him to cum.
If the client does not take no for an answer about using condoms, suggest another activity such as Spanish sex between the breasts or hand relief with lube.
If the client refuses to use condoms, leave!
You don not have to do anything you do not want to.
If you are feeling stressed, your work will suffer. Take some time off to relax.
If you have a bad experience with a client, contact the Police or make an online report Filing one of these reports will let other workers know about the client.


Let your agency know what service you will or will not perform.
Find out how your agency operates with bounced cheques and credit card fraud.
Always ring the agency when you leave or extend a booking. You should have a code between yourself and the receptionist to use if you are in trouble.


If you are going to service a client, consider employing a driver. Drivers can be very useful in helping you out of difficult situations. They can be used for safety, convenience, and traveling long distances between towns.
Ask the driver to accompany you to the clients door. This is a good way to get the client to pay up front. You can then give your money to the driver for safe keeping.
If your booking is in a hotel or motel let the driver know the room number where the service will be taking place.
Make sure your driver waits while you are providing the service.
Use a driver that you know and trust.
Arrange for the driver to knock on the clients door at the end of the booking.

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