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This website does NOT advertise the type of escorts that sell their bodies for cash (prostitutes) -The type of escorts that we advertise on this websites are UNPAID SEXUAL COMPANIONS.
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heavenlybodiesuk.com will not be held responsible for any actions taken by individuals that can be reached through this website as we do NOT own or control them in any way.
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heavenlybodiesuk.com does not advertise or promote anything illegal including organised paid sex parties where more than one prostitute is in attendance.

heavenlybodiesuk.com is an adult contact directory. We are not an agency in any form.
All personal and classified listings/advertisements displayed on this website are for informational purposes only.
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Due to the size and success of this website, we no longer offer free advertising or 'cross advertising' (link exchange). All advertisements are paid for.
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We reserve the right to re-direct unpaid links to a page on our website
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We do not tolerate abuse or spam. If abuse or spam is received , you WILL be reported.
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All disclaimers and indemnities do not remove those legal rights in place by virtue of UK laws or Acts of Parliament

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