We don't claim to be experts, but with a little help and support from a number of experienced Escorts and other outside resources, we'd like to help you before you make a decision which could quite easily affect the rest of your life.

Being an Escort isn't as easy as you think. It takes a special type of person to become a success in what is now becoming a highly competitive industry.
Being an Escort can be exceptionally rewarding in a lucrative kind of a way, but it can also be exceptionally dangerous!
Before we get to the bit about the dangers, you've got to first ask yourself... could you sleep with complete strangers for money?
No matter how much people try to dress it up or disguise it by saying 'Any money paid is for time and companionship only' ...99.9% of clients book escorts for sex, so let's not kid ourselves.
One of the most important things that you have to take into account is the danger aspect... I can't think of any other career where a person puts their life at so much risk. Every new client carries a potential risk -They could be a murderer, they could be some sort of a psycho, or they could have a particularly nasty disease.
Every now and again you'll come across the odd tosser/slime ball, but most of the time your clients will be normal decent human beings who are a delight to meet.
Another important thing you have to take into account is the psychological effect.
Being an Escort can change your view of other people and yourself. After a while of seeing so many men -particularly those which are married, you may find it difficult to truly trust another partner ever again.
The worst possible psychological scenario is if you begin to lose respect for yourself, but don't worry too much about this at the moment because most Escorts are perfectly well balanced decent human beings with an excellent outlook on life.
Another important thing you have to take into account is the level of corruption within the UK sex industry. How you deal with it is up to you.
My personal advice is STAY WELL CLEAR!

If after reading all the above, you still want to give it a try, here are a few golden rules:
Think about yourself. There is nothing on earth more sacred or valuable than your own body. Are you totally sure that you want to hire it out.
Think about your family and your friends, and how they may re-act if they found out.
Never compromise your safety. You will be sleeping with strangers. You will be totally alone. You must have a safety plan.
Always use condoms Your health is paramount. No matter how much money you are offered, NEVER have sex without a condom. To have sex with a stranger without a condom is a death sentence waiting to happen.
Have regular check ups at least once a month. Most large towns and every city has a GUM clinic. Use it!
Do NOT do anything you don't want to do. It's still your body -Your right.
Decide what is OK and what's not. Practice saying NO. Let your clients know what is and what isn't on the menu in advance.
Be in control of who you see. Let those that don't fit the bill go by. Don't let anyone pressurise you. Remember it's your body -Your right.
Never work by yourself A safety net could mean the difference between life and death.
Do your homework Checkout your client. See if he/she is blacklisted, and always follow your instincts, if something doesn't seem to add up, don't go.
Organise an advertising campaign. You'll need to be noticed. Find a reputable website designer.
Avoid Burnout. Don't flog your ass more than you need to. Take some time off now and again to recharge your batteries.
Spend your money well Nobody deserves your money more than you. Treat yourself, and remember to save for a rainy day.
Pay your taxes Get a 'clued-up' accountant. A decent accountant will be able to create a legitimate explanation for your income.
Don't be afraid to ask for advice from other Escorts. Most Escorts are warm, friendly approachable individuals, and are more than willing to help.

And last but not least...
Avoid Stress. If your stress gets severe, get the hell out of the business!

Useful Links
Safety Tips for Escorts
Safety Tips and Advice for Clients
Special Thanks to all those who have helped to create this page.


When it comes to being in danger or even detecting an STD, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!
If you sense something’s wrong, get out! Say something like, “I’ve forgotten my worker’s bag and have to get it from the car. Or “I have to let my driver know you’re home and everything is OK”, and then leave.
If you have to defend yourself, do it with the intention of hurting. It is a good idea to do a self-defense course. If a client becomes aggressive or violent let him know you can trace him through his credit card, address, car registration number, etc. Explain to the client that it is not illegal to do sex work in *the United Kingdom, and that you will not hesitate to report him to *the Police.
If in danger, don’t hesitate to smash one of the client’s windows or his stereo with a lamp, ash tray, or anything heavy. This will startle (perhaps even scare the client) and it will let your driver know you are in danger and require help.
If you are doing a fantasy service, before you start make sure that you know what you are in for and that the client knows condoms will be used.
Check your client for STDs, especially for crabs, sores, herpes blisters and warts. Condoms do not protect you 100% against these.
Do not use massage oils as lube. They break down the condom rubber. Use water-based lube such as wet stuff or KY jelly and wipe off any massage oil before you put the condom on.
Use your own condoms, not your client’s.
Be aware that Nonoxynol 9 condoms cause medical problems for some workers (Nonoxynol 9 can remove nail polish so it is best not to use it on regular basis).
Putting on a condom with your mouth is useful if the client does not want to use them – this can eroticise condoms.
If you use xylocaine, be aware of the risks. It is not advisable to use xylocaine for penetrative sex. Due to the numbing effect, you are less likely to feel any injury or become aware that a condom has broken. Xylocaine can numb the client’s penis, and make it difficult for him to cum.
If the client does not take no for an answer about using condoms, suggest another activity such as Spanish sex (between the breasts) or hand relief with lube.
If the client refuses to use condoms, leave!
You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.
If you are feeling stressed, your work will suffer. Take some time off to relax.
If you have a bad experience with a client, contact the Police or make an online report Filing one of these reports will let other workers know about the client.


Let your agency know what service you will or won’t perform.
Find out how your agency operates with bounced cheques and credit card fraud.
Always ring the agency when you leave or extend a booking. You should have a code between yourself and the receptionist to use if you are in trouble.


If you are going to service a client, consider employing a driver. Drivers can be very useful in helping you out of difficult situations. They can be used for safety, convenience, and traveling long distances between towns.
Ask the driver to accompany you to the client’s door. This is a good way to get the client to pay up front. You can then give your money to the driver for safe keeping.
If your booking is in a hotel or motel let the driver know the room number where the service will be taking place.
Make sure your driver waits while you are providing the service.
Use a driver that you know and trust.
Arrange for the driver to knock on the client’s door at the end of the booking.

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