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Escorts, Callgirls and Prostitutes
You've seen them everywhere. They're on the internet, they're in magazines, they're in the phonebook, and they're in the papers. You'd love to book an escort, but you're a little apprehensive because you've never done anything quite like it before and you haven't got a clue where to begin.
First of all we need to dispel a couple of myths
An escort will not turn up at your door in a red plastic mini skirt, black fishnet stockings and white stilettos smoking a fag, unless of course you specifically ask her to.
They are not drunks and drug addicts who'd slash your throat and nick your wallet as soon as they get the chance.
They will not blackmail you or call you at home and wreck your marriage -Common prostitutes might, but real escorts wont.
The Facts
Real escorts are different to massage parlour girls who offer sex on the production line or streetwalkers and rent boys who tout for business in public.
A real escort has more control over the way she controls her business, and is usually more expensive.
Escorts are free to see who they please when they please as opposed to parlour girls and streetwalkers who's clients are normally organised and controlled by others.
Where to find and book an Escort
The internet is probably the best place to look. Most escorts have their own website containing all the information you need including photographs, what's on the menu, and a price list. Newspapers and magazines can be a bit dodgy unless the advertisement is by a reputable agency. Let's face it, you don't know who the hell is going to turn up at your door!
Different types of Escorts
Escorts come in all shapes and sizes. You get small ones, big ones, tall ones and short ones. Some offer a limited type of service, and some offer the more extreme type of service. It all depends what your looking for. Some clients are looking for something that they don't' or 'can't' get at home. Some clients are looking for closeness often described as the 'girlfriend experience'. Some clients just want to have sex because they need it and there's no one else immediately available to satisfy their desires, and some clients book escorts out of sheer curiosity.
Internet Escorts
It all depends on the type of an escort you're looking for. If you're looking for a professional lady to accompany you to a business meeting, your best bet would be to look at the way the escort presents herself.
The style and layout of an escorts website often speaks volumes. If an escort has made the effort to invest in an expensive well designed website, you can usually be sure she or he is looking to attract the more affluent clients.
If an escort's website comes across as fun and full of excitement, you can normally be sure that a good time will be had by all. If an escort's website comes across as cheap and nasty... Well, I think you get my drift.
News paper, phone book and magazine escorts
Again, it's all about presentation. An escort or an escort agency who has gone to the trouble of having an advertisement especially designed is much more likely to come up with the 'goodies' than one who's spent about 7.50 on an advertisement saying 'Sexy Blonde Escort Available 24/7'
Before, During And After An Appointment With An Escort
Let's say you've found an escort on the internet who you'd like to spend some time with and you'd like to know what to do next. Here are a few tips which you may find useful:
Before the appointment
Contact the escort by Email initially. Introduce yourself and let her know how you came across their website e.g. search engine or directory.
Do not ask for any information which is clearly displayed on her website -You'll only come across as a timewaster and a pervert!
Do not send a one liner e.g. "Do you take it up the bum" -Again, you'll only come across as a timewaster and a pervert.
Do be pleasant and polite. Good manners will get you anywhere.
Ask if it's OK to discuss her explicit information before you leap in. It's polite, and your enquiry will appear more genuine.
Don't be afraid to provide a few personal details about yourself. The escort needs to know that she is going to be safe. It's only common sense.
Telephone on the morning of your appointment to confirm. If you do not call to confirm the appointment, she may not turn up for the appointment.
If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason, let her know ASAP. If you fail to turn up for an appointment without any hint of an explanation you may find yourself Black Listed.
During the appointment
Discretion is one of the initial factors which concern both the escort and the client. If you are visiting her at home or at a hotel I would advise you to carry a briefcase or a folder. You may like to ask the escort to do the same if they are visiting you. Anyone watching will think you are attending a business meeting.
It's best to meet in the bar/restaurant/foyer for Hotel appointments. This will deter any unnecessary attention from the hotel staff.
Please pay the escort within ten minutes of her arrival.
Good manners are essential. If an escort is visiting you, offer her something to drink followed by a guided tour to the bathroom.
Don't worry about making the first move. Any escort worth their salt will know exactly when and how to introduce intimacy.
Keep your eye on the time. An escort will begin to get dressed shortly before it's time for her to leave. Do not try to delay the escorts departure. She will have safety measures in force, particularly if you are a new client.
If an escort says no, she means NO. If she says stop, she means STOP. An Escort has every right to leave if she feels threatened or afraid.
After the appointment
Take a shower You'll probably be all hot and sticky. Remove all traces of your encounter e.g. perfume and love juices before you go back to your wife, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, place of work, office or home.
Send an Email to thank her for such a lovely time (if applicable) It's always nice to receive a 'thank you'.
When things go wrong
If by any chance for whatever reason an unacceptable escort turns up, you will need to act quickly to avoid any unpleasantness or embarrassment.
The best way to deal with an unacceptable escort is to feign a sudden illness, apologise for your illness profusely, offer to pay her traveling expenses then usher her out the door.
When things go VERY wrong
If by chance something goes terribly wrong and you end up with 'The Hag from Hell' who does a runner with your money, you must tell the Police.
I can fully understand that you'd probably prefer not to involve the Law, but they really ought to be informed -Chances are you're not the first victim, and you wont be the last unless the crime is recorded. If you can't tell the Police the least you can do is inform the public. Post an account of your experience on an Escort message board.

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